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Our mission ....

Our mission is to assist cancer patients living in Iowa County, Wisconsin. As applications are submitted, each will be given a case number, allowing as much confidentiality as possible, with only one board member knowing the applicant’s name. We are dedicated to being fair to everyone, and it is our hope to be able to meet the needs of everyone who applies.

Why we do what we do...

Cancer is a costly disease to manage. The Iowa County Cancer Coalition is dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors in Iowa County, Wisconsin, with some of their financial needs while battling this disease. All monies raised will be given to those diagnosed with cancer and currently being treated for cancer. Treatments may include chemotherapy, radiation, doctor visits, pain management, terminal and hospice.  Assistance will be provided by giving gas cards, grocery cards, or paying a bill directly for the patient. No cash will be given.​


​*  The applicant must be an active cancer patient and a resident of Iowa County, Wisconsin.
*  Patient or family member may request or obtain an application from a board member or online
*  Cancer patient completes the Application and Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information.
*  Diagnosis Verification Form must be completed by the physician.
*  Application, Disclosure of Health Information and Diagnosis Verification Form or mailed to address provided.
*  Once forms are verified, they are returned to the Iowa County Cancer Coalition Board for approval. A case number is assigned, no names are used. All information is kept CONFIDENTIAL.

Once forms have been approved, the applicant can expect to receive their request in full or in part within 30 days of approval.​

How can I help?

​The Coalition will hold one major fundraiser each year. We also encourage local communities and schools to help raise money for cancer patients in Iowa County. Private donations are a critical part of our ability to continue to help others and are welcome at any time. If you know of a current cancer patient in financial need, encourage them to seek assistance using the contact page or via our website.

​Donations can be mailed to Iowa County Cancer Coalition, P.O. Box 36, Cobb, WI 53526 or donate by clicking on the Paypal Donate Logo.

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- Jamilah Lawry

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