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Iowa County Cancer Coalition Board Members

Ali Bockhop
​Nancy Buck 
RaeAnn Butteris
Steven Christianson
Glenda Faull
Connie Gard
Angie Schubert

Linda Hebgen
​Linda Heilmann
​​Jackie Hodgson
Cheryl Lee
Renee Linscheid
Sheila Ruchti
Sheri Springer

Denise Deaton-Tolzman

Our History

lowa County Cancer Coalition (ICCC) began in 2017 from an idea that originated with ICCC's President, Connie Gard of Cobb, Wisconsin. Connie put together a board of directors from across lowa County to represent the areas and bring cancer awareness to our county. She made contacts in the towns, villages & townships all over lowa County to gauge their interest in organizing ICCC. ICCC was established as a 501c3 non-profit organization, with 19 board members. Our first board meeting took place 2/6/2017. Our first official fundraiser was held at the Cobb Fire Station & Community Center on August 26, 2017

Submit completed packet (includes 3 forms) to:
ATTN: Application Committee
Iowa County Cancer Coalition
PO Box 36
Cobb WI 53526


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You may apply for funds to help with added expenses while going through the cancer fight. Before sending the application, please read the directions for completing the packet.

​All three forms included in the packet must be returned to the ICCC board to have your request acted upon.

Submit completed packet (includes 3 forms) to:
ATTN: Application Committee
Iowa County Cancer Coalition
PO Box 36
Cobb WI 53526

1)Application Form

  • All areas must be completed. 

  • Please give as much information as possible.

  • Please sign and date form.

2)Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information

  • This form must be filled out by the applicant before seeing your doctor. Leave a completed copy at the doctor's office to have placed in your medical record and keep a copy with you to mail to ICCC with your completed application.

  • Please let your doctor / nurse know a member from ICCC board will be calling to verify the cancer diagnosis.

  • Make sure the form is signed at the bottom.

3)Diagnosis Verification Form

  • This form must be completed by your doctor.

Our mission is to assist cancer patients living in Iowa County, Wisconsin. As applications are submitted, each will be given a case number, allowing as much confidentiality as possible, with only one board member knowing the applicant's name. We are dedicated to being fair to everyone, and it is our hope to be able to meet the needs of everyone who applies.

The Iowa County Cancer Coalition sponsors events during the year to raise money to benefit cancer victims and their families in Iowa County, Wisconsin.  We are a non-profit organization with strictly volunteer board. All money raised or donated to ICCC stays in Iowa County, Wisconsin.

Let’s Get in Touch

Thanks for submitting!

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